Rcube Analytics ("Rcube Analytics") is a contract research organization (CRO) providing clinical research services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices companies. Rcube Analytics serves some of the best-known companies worldwide, and works with many of the most advanced drugs and medical devices in development today. Through our global sharing model, clients have access to the entire pool of experts and resources in both locations providing speed and flexibility with study requirements. Rcube Analytics has made a great success in building its brand name as a quality- and customer service-focused clinical research organization in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices industry.

Company Highlights:
  • * Successfully operating for 8 years as an independent CRO, building partnerships or preferred vendor relationships with several major pharmaceutical companies and other smaller pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices companies.
  • * A growing company approaching 100 full-time staff members and consultants.
  • * Believes strongly in quality and customer care. Many of our current customers have either worked with Rcube Analytics staff members in the past or learned about Rcube Analytics through personal recommendations.
  • * Promotes high quality standards, is customer-focused, has a can-do spirit, utilizes advanced technologies, strives for continuous improvement, and maintains a high level of ethical and professional standards.
  • * Continues to be successful in servicing clients and being a center of excellence for the clinical research services Rcube Analytics provides.
  • * Helps clients achieve drug and medical device development goals with strong industry expertise and a proven track record.
  • * Offers quality and timely services at a competitive rate.
  • *Considers quality as the backbone, customer-focus as the tradition, and flexibility as the strength.